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Dust-Hog MCB

The Dust-Hog MCB Series is a Cross Ventilation Cartridge Dust Collector.

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MCB (4,500 to 36,000 CFM)
This unit features:
  • Self-Contained Unit
  • Quiet Cleaning
  • Unintrusive Installation


Parts & Manuals

All parts can be ordered by
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The DUST-HOG MCB is a series of small cross ventilation cartridge collectors designed to effectively remove airborne particulate from industrial processes. The MCB is a small self-contained unit (3', 6' or 9' modules) that can be installed up out of the way or attached to a containment booth. Multiple units can be used together to clean larger spaces.

The DUST-HOG MCB cleans its cartridges within a contained pulse-cleaning environment that reduces sound levels by up to 50% more than similar systems. The MCB requires no ductwork and is easily installed.