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Dust-Hog Dust Collectors

There are certain manufacturing processes (woodworking, milling, sanding, etc.) that emit dry dusts and particulate into the air that can be harmful or deadly.

DUST-HOG's industrial Dust Collectors keep the air clear of dust clouds and extract the harmful particulate from them. The clean air is then safely released back into the workshop environment. In most cases, without losing tempered air.

To do this, DUST HOG Dust Collectors force the air through a cartrdige filter or cyclone process that removes the particulate. The dust particles are then captured in a barrel that can be disposed of. At certain intervals, the filters will need to be pulsed clean or replaced.

If your particulate is wet or smokey ... check out our Smog-Hog Mist Collectors and our Smog-Hog Fume Extractors

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