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Dust-Hog BDC

The Dust-Hog BDC Series is a Compact Cartridge/Bag Dust Collector.

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BDC (185 to 5,300 CFM)
This unit features:
  • Compact Design
  • Continuous Online Cleaning
  • Indoor/Outdoor Setup


Parts & Manuals

All parts can be ordered by
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The DUST-HOG BDC is a series of more compact baghouse-style dust collection systems that are perfect for industrial processes like raw material handling or bin venting. This unit can be installed indoors or outdoors, and its compact nature reduces the space it requires in the shop.

The DUST-HOG BDC operates a continuous pulse-jet cartridge cleaning system that runs while the system remains online. The unit can use a variety of high-performance cartridge or bag filters that range up to 99.999% efficiency.